How to extend the life cycle of customized Sewage suction truck

Friends often ask about the customized Sewage suction truck I bought together, but two years later, the difference is huge. Some customized Sewage suction trucks have started to cost a lot to repair, but some Sewage suction trucks are at the best performance time. What makes such a big difference?

Sewage suction truck

Some people say that there may be a difference in the quality of the Sewage suction truck, and some people say that the driver of the Sewage suction truck has a difference in operation. We are not mistaken, the length of time the sewage suction truck is used is related to the quality and use. However, when a sewage suction truck was purchased, its quality has been confirmed and cannot be changed. Then we can extend the service life of the sewage suction truck through correct and reasonable use and maintenance. We'd better do the following:

1. Replace the engine oil on time, and the engine with smooth oil often has a longer service life. As time goes by, the engine oil becomes turbid, which will reduce or even lose the lubricating effect of the engine oil and accelerate engine wear. Although the composition of the oil lasts longer, it can also be degraded or contaminated. If the engine oil is replaced on time and the appropriate grade of engine oil is used, the inside of your Sewage suction truck can be cleaned and sufficiently smooth.

When the Sewage suction truck is traveling and working, the timing of the launch consumes oil, and the low oil volume will also add to the wear of the launcher. Therefore, please check the oil level punctually and replenish the oil in time.

2. Ensure that all kinds of lubricating oil required by the Sewage suction truck are clean enough. The condition of the automatic transmission depends on the operating condition of the transmission fluid. The same is true for the brake system, steering system, engine cooling system, gearbox, and the difference between the front and the rear. All kinds of lubricating oil required by the fecal suction truck are very important for your car. They will evaporate over time, leak or lose quality, so please replace and replenish them in time when the amount of smooth oil is low.

3. Identify the problem as early as possible. If any small problem can be found early, it can prevent the problem before it happens, and it can save you a lot of repair costs.

Pay attention to the abnormal performance and sound of the vacuum customized Sewage suction truck at any time. The warning light is always on, the engine temperature is higher than normal, there is oil leakage under the car, bumps or abnormal noise when braking, peculiar smell, feeling different when driving, poor acceleration, slippery oil splashed on the wheels, and the brake pad feels strange, etc. These small clues should be checked in time.

How to extend the life cycle of customized Sewage suction truck
How to extend the life cycle of customized Sewage suction truck