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How should the daily maintenance of Sewage suction truck from China manufacturer be carried out

How should the daily maintenance of Sewage suction truck from China manufacturer be carried out

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Sewage suction truck from China manufacturer is a new type of vehicle that collects, transfers, cleans and transports sludge and sewage, while avoiding secondary pollution, so that it can self-suction and discharge. At the same time, it works fast and has a large capacity. , The transportation is more convenient. And now it has been very well applied, and for these vehicles, we must pay attention to ordinary maintenance, so as to enable him to work more effectively, thereby prolonging its service life, then how to maintain it, then the following I will tell you briefly. First, for these Sewage suction truck from China manufacturers, it is necessary to reasonably determine a maintenance cycle and scientifically determine the indirect mileage of various maintenance operations, which can not only keep these vehicles in a good absorption condition, but also save some unnecessary Expenses and unnecessary troubles.

Sewage suction truck from China manufacturer

And these new Sewage suction truck from China manufacturer in good condition can appropriately extend the maintenance period when used under good operating conditions. Relatively speaking, if the condition of the vehicle is poor or the operating conditions are relatively bad, the maintenance should be shortened. For vehicles, it is necessary to use proper oil. Proper use of oil includes two aspects, one is fuel oil and the other is lubricating oil. There is also the need to replace the hydraulic oil of the device. The hydraulic oil separated by his oil-water separator is used as the lubricating oil of these vacuum pumps. However, some of the separated water will reside at the bottom of the box, so these vehicles must be Draining and forgetting to drain will cause some problems when inhaled into the pump, and the use of hydraulic oil will reduce the smoothness and air-tightness, and its anti-overflow valve, which is used when these tanks are full of cold. It is installed to avoid overflow of sewage into the vacuum pump in the car.

These Sewage suction trucks from China manufacturer will easily damage these if they suck in more sludge. At the same time, everyone must check the quality of these when working. The rear door of the Sewage suction truck from China manufacturer should be installed tightly. After a long time of use, some dirt is likely to occur inside it. Do not pinch the handwheel, so it should be differentiated and cleaned at regular intervals. At this time, it should be supplemented appropriately. After working on these vehicles, pay attention to cleaning the sealing rubber ring of the closed door and check whether there is any leakage. If there is no problem in checking the tightening device, you need to replace the sealing rubber ring of the rear pipe door, and these seals After the rubber ring is used for too long, the sealing performance may decrease, so everyone must pay attention to it frequently.