Advantages of using quality Vacuum truck

The quality Vacuum truck is a product designed by our factory. It is especially suitable for sewage sludge suction, cleaning, loading and unloading. It has the following advantages:

quality Vacuum truck
1. The quality Vacuum truck has enough vacuum to absorb dirt,
2. Set up secondary protection for the vacuum pump to prevent pollution from immersing in the pump body.
3. The vacuum pump is driven by manual operation, and the clutch is convenient;
4. The hydraulic oil pump and the vacuum pump act synchronously, and the work is reliable
5. Adopt oil pressure to turn the tank and comprehensively unload the mud
6. Quality Vacuum truck has beautiful appearance, easy operation and good performance.

Due to the low density and high relative strength of aluminum alloy, the quality Vacuum truck is light in curb weight, high in loading mass when fully loaded, high in transportation efficiency and operating income; low in fuel consumption, low in tire wear and low in operating costs when empty; quality After the vacuum truck has expired, the residual value is relatively high when it is recycled.

In order to fully meet the various requirements of users, the structure of the quality Vacuum truck is continuously improved and perfected. I hope the above summary can be helpful to you.

Advantages of using quality Vacuum truck
Advantages of using quality Vacuum truck