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Fecal suction truck function description and sewage suction truck Discount

Fecal suction truck function description and sewage suction truck Discount

Sewage suction truck News
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Sewage suction trucks are mainly used in special vehicles for cleaning and cleaning in septic tanks, sewage ditches and sewers, as well as sprinklers and garbage trucks, and are called the three major sanitation vehicles.

The principle of the pipe dredging vehicle is to turn the curved steel wire into the clogged sewer pipe by rotating and using the hydraulic impulse of the gun head to bring out the clogged cloth strips and hair. There is also a tool called Yipaotong, which is a pneumatic dredging tool that uses the principle of high pressure to flush out blocked sewer pipes.

The skin kick commonly used in daily life uses this principle to kick open blocked pipes. The dredging machine used for industrial pipeline dredging differs greatly due to the size of the pipeline. Pipes below 100mm are dredged like household sewer dredging. A water tanker equipped with a high-pressure water pump cleans the sediments of the urban sewers and dredges the sewers. It can also be used to clean industrial drain pipes, walls, etc., and can also be used for sprinkling, transporting water and washing roads, and can be used for fire fighting in emergency.

Sewage suction truck function description: Vacuum suction truck configuration: the dedicated part consists of power take-off, drive shaft, vacuum suction pump, water-gas separator, oil-gas separator, multi-way reversing valve, boom, fecal tank, and fecal discharge Valve, fecal suction gun, clean water tank, sight window, vacuum pressure gauge, pipe network system, etc.

Sewage suction truck is used for suction of feces, sewage, sludge and liquids mixed with small suspended debris. It has the characteristics of high suction efficiency, self-priming, self-draining and direct irrigation. It is widely used in large and medium , Small town sanitation, municipal administration, agriculture, chemical industry, factories and mining enterprises, real estate community use, vacuum suction pump can self-priming and self-discharging.

Sewage suction truck is mainly composed of automobile chassis, tank body, and fecal suction device. Commonly used models include tricycles, Dongfeng Furica, Dongfeng Dolica, 140, 145, rear double axle, front four and rear eight models.

The composition of th  e Sewage suction truck: oil  -water separator, water-gas separator, special vacuum suction pump, volume pressure gauge, pipe network system, suction pipe, gravity valve, vacuum tank, connecting device (fecal window), automatic protection Overflow valve.

Application scope of Sewage suction truck

Mainly for the urban and rural sanitation departments to suck and transport feces and other sewage. Suitable for suction of feces, sewage, sludge and liquids mixed with small suspended debris, suitable for municipal sanitation, large, medium and small industrial and mining enterprises, communities, schools, septic tank cleaning and transporting, urban pipeline cleaning and dredging, factory marsh Liquid biogas residue cleaning, etc.

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