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Multi-Stage Hydraulic Cylinder

Multi-Stage Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Engine :
  • Chassis model :
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Product description
Chassis model
Mixing capacity


◆ Unique metal support ring welded structure allowing good cylinder stability and high cylinder expanding resistance;

◆ The cylinder barrel surface is subjected to plating,corrosion prevention and resistant to abrasion,Prolonging the service life;

◆ The special high strength seamless steel tube with thin wall design enhances the deflectivity resistance of the hydraulic cylinder.

◆The unique sealing design avoids the leakage which may occur in the harsh environment;the combination of one Y-shaped high pressure polyurethane seal ring and one O-ring in the cylinder barrel ensure the excellent sealing property in both high and low pressure conditions to meet the requirement of harsh environment;

◆The unique extended guide sleeve enables the lifting more stable;

◆The interior closing ring enhances the safety;


Application scope

Multi-stage hydraulic cylinders are suitable for tippers with the compartment length within 4800-9600mm,carring capacity with in 42t-100t.

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