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Single stage Hydraulic Cylinder

Single stage Hydraulic Cylinder

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Product description
Chassis model
Mixing capacity


◆The hydraulic cylinder is made of seamless steel tube;

◆The cast iron piston and sealing employ ZTM03-2-220 guide tape and UN200YX shaped ring;

◆The cylinder head is bolted to the cylinder block;the piston rod and cylinder head are equipped with SNY seal ring and SCK dust ring;

◆The carrying shaft and cylinder bottom are welded into one piece and the oil inlet is arranged at the middle of the carrying shaft;

◆With the built-in limit value,when the compartment is lifted to the maximum angle the oil in the hydraulic cylinder lower chamber will pass this value and flow back to the tank to stop lifting;

◆The hydraulic cylinder bottom is provided with cushioning device,which will generate the throtting action immediately before the compartment is lowered to the end to slow down the compartment lowering and reduce the impact to the sub-frame;

◆The cylinder is not provided with oil tank,which should be individually supplied;

◆The lifting cylinder top head is equipped with oil filler,through which and the tank filler the oil can be filled to the closed loop system.


Application scope

1.T type lifting machanism cylinder are suitable for tippers with the compartment length within 4200-6300mm,carrying capacity within 25t-45t.

2.F type lifting machanism cylinder are suitable for tippers with the compartment length within 4800-5600mm,carrying capacity within 25t-40t.


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