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Pipelayer SP70Y


ENGINE POWER:257kw/2000rpm








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Product description


  • Easy maintenances

1.The structural parts inherit the excellent and stable quality of Shantui mature products.

2.The electric harnesses adopt seamless corrugated pipes and deconcentrators for branching, featuring high protection grade.

3.The core electric and hydraulic parts adopt imported products, featuring stable and reliable quality and extremely high reliability.


  • Operating performance

1.The control of working device is composed of the luffing control, lifting control, and counterweight control. The reducing type pilot control valve is applied to control the hydraulic reversing valve, featuring simple controls, high flexibility and labor-saving, good fine adjustment performance, and easy arrangement on machine body.

2.The hook and boom controls are integrated in one joystick and the counterweight is controlled by one separate joystick to operate under diversified working conditions conveniently and rapidly, achieve good inching performance, and guarantee the user’s accuracy requirement and promote the operating efficiency.

3.The hydraulic motors of hook and boom winches incorporate extremely high volumetric efficiency and the excellent balance valves eliminate the secondary gliding of winches and the jitter of unloaded hook. In addition, the clutch incorporated in the hook winch realizes the free hook lowering function.


  • Working adaptability

1.Excellent chassis stability, low average fuel consumption, and high economy.

2.Extensive working scope of boom and fast lifting/lowering speed of hook.

3.Powerful loaded traveling, high lifting capacity, and high working efficiency.

4.The hook, boom, and counterweight can realize stepless speed control and combination motions.

5.Both hook and boom winches adopt three-stage planetary gears for speed reduction and torque enhancement, featuring high safety coefficient and high mechanical efficiency.

6.The machine is installed with moment limiter system to real-time monitor the operating status and guarantee the lifting safety. 


  • Power System

1.The installed Chongqing Cummins engine for bulldozers incorporates high-efficiency fuel injection pump and features high performance, mature and stable quality, really high social ownership quantity, powerful parts universality, and low maintenance cost.




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