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Road Roller SR1215S


OVERALL WEIGHT:12000~15000kg


ENGINE POWER:With 82kW/2000 , this engine conforms to China-IIemission regulation.



Road Roller


Road Roller


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Product description

Road Roller

  • OVERALL WEIGHT:12000~15000kg
  • ENGINE POWER:With 82kW/2000 , this engine conforms to China-IIemission regulation.


  • Less malfunctions and convenient maintenances

    ● The structural parts inherit the excellent quality of Shantui mature products.

    ● The maintenance-free battery and the pointer type combination instrument integrate the real-time machine working status monitoring and sensing and warning functions and play the double roles of prevention and maintenance.

    ● The modular structure eases the disassembling of parts and ensures low maintenance cost and easy maintainability.

  • Extensive working condition adaptability

    The mechanical drive system with three forward gears and two reverse gears features flexible steering and adapts to diversified working conditions.

    ● Depending on the operation needs, the gross mass of the machine is adjustable within 12~15t.

  • High efficiency and low fuel consumption

    Weichai WP4G110E220 engine features stable performances, high reliability, and good fuel economy and is the mainstream installed engine for China’s three-drum static road rollers.
  • High flexibility and usability

    ● The new control box with integrated functions integrates the gearshift controller, handbrake, hand accelerator, power switch, and cup holder, featuring flexible and comfortable operations and convenient maintenances.

    ● The single gearshift joystick features simple operations and high operating efficiency and effectively reduces the labor strength of the driving/riding personnel.

  • High safety and comfort

    ● The ergonomic cab features large space and excellent visual field.

    ● The excellent overall airtightness of cab and low noise and the seat position and backrest angle are adjustable in large range to guarantee high operating comfort.

    ● The safety passageway system and the reasonably arranged safety handrails and anti-skid footplates for whole vehicle guarantee the driver’s safety.


Parameter name SR1215S
Performance parameters  
Operating weight (Kg) 12t~15t
Gradeability (%) 20
Engine model WP4G110E220
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 82kw/2000rpm
Overall dimensions  
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 6010*2120*3316
Driving performance  
Forward speed (km/h) F1:3.31 ,F2: 6.47 ,F3:13.7
Reversing speed (km/h) R1:3.28 ,R2:6.49
Chassis System  
Wheelbase (mm) 1650
Tank capacity  
Working device  
Compacting width(mm) 2120


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