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Isuzu 6BG1QC-02 82.5kW / WP4.1G125E302 92kW





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Product description


  • Service Friendly

    ● Enlarged Thermovent

    The cooling area is increased by 20%, coolinge ciency is largely improved, engine can be better protected.

    ●Integrated Joints

    New 24 degree cone & O-ring integrated joint is accordance with ISO standard, reducing the oil leakage rate by 99%, and extending the lifespan by 3 times.

  • Ergonomic|

    ● All Aluminium Radiator

    Better cooling performance.

    ● Power Cut-o  Switch Under Engine Hood

    Extending the battery life; saving more power when in delivery; protecting switch from moisture and improving safety.

  • Active Safety

    ●Rear Mirror With Wide Angle

    Apply the wide angle mirrors in the left and right rear mirrors to widen the rear view, ensuring safe operation.

    ● Built-in Fuel Filler

    Built-in fuel  ller and engine hood lock improves the fuel security.

    ● Battery Protection Cover

    Ensuring the battery security and protect battery from moisture.



Model designation UNITS SFD100
Power type:Electric-Diesel-Petrol-LPG-Netw ork Power (Electric) —— Diesel
Operation Type:Hand-stand on-Driver seated —— Seated
Load Capacity Q(kg) 10000
Load Barycenter Distance C(mm) 600
Axle centre to f ork f ace X(mm) 700
Wheel Base Y(mm) 2800
Service Weight kg 13200
Axle weight with Rated Load f ront/rear kg 21180/2040
Axle weight without Load f ront/rear kg 6260/6940
Wheels and tyres    
Tyres:SE-Super elastic PN-Pneumatic —— PN
Front Tyres Size —— 9.00-20/14PR
Rear Tyres Size —— 9.00-20/14PR
Front Track Width b10(mm) 1600
Rear Track Width b11(mm) 1700
Dimensions and Overall Sizes    
Mast lif t,f orw ard/backw ard α/β 6°/12°
Mast Minimum Overall Height h1(mm) 2760
Free lif t h2(mm) 143
Lif t height h3(mm) 3000
Mast Maximum Overall Height h4(mm) 4545
Overhead Guard Height h6(mm) 2567
Seat Height h7(mm) 1512
Drawbar Height h10(mm) 478
Overall Length L1(mm) 5780
Length to Face of Forks L2(mm) 4280
Overall Width b1(mm) 2175
Fork Arms Dimensions s/e/L(mm) 80/160/1500
Fork Carriage in Compliance with ISO 2328 Class/Form A,B   A
Fork Carriage Width b3(mm) 2239
Ground Clearance below Mast(with load) m1(mm) 215
Ground Clearance Centre of Wheelbase(with load) m2(mm) 340
Aisle Width with pallet 1000×1200 and Fork Arms Pitch 1200 Ast(mm) 6650
Working aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 lengthways****    
Turning Radius Wa(mm) 4250
Turning Point Minimum Distance from the Truck Center Line b13(mm) 1000
Drive Speed with/without load km/h 22/28
Lif ting Speed with/without load mm/s 340/390
Low ering Speed with/w ithout load mm/s 438/276
Draw bar Pull Tractive Ef f ort (at 2km/h) with/without load KN 50/45
Gradeability (at 2km/h) with/without load % 20
Service Brake —— Mechanical/hydra
Engine Manufacturer/Engine Type —— Isuzu 6BG1QC-02/WP4.1G125E302
Engine Pow er in compliance with ISO 1585 kw 82.5/92
Rated Number of Revolutions /min 2000
Cylinder Number/Displacement cm³ 6/6494
Fuel Consumption in Compliance With VDI-Cycl    
On-board voltage V 24
Drive Control Type —— Electron Hydraulic
Service Pressure f or Attachments bar ——
Oil Flow rate f or (max.available) l/min ——
Volume f uel tank L/kg 210
Noise at Operator's Ear dB(A) 100
Draw bar,model/Type DIN —— Pin


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