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6X6 Logging Transporter Logging Trailer





All Wheel Driving Truck

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Product description

China National Heavy Duty Truck log transporter has been applied in forest log transport, long pipe fittings transport, etc., adapting to long-distance transport by road and transport in bad road conditions. Especially the 6x6 all-wheel drive log transporter has the advantages of strong power, strong adaptability, reasonable trailer design and large load capacity.

1. Adopts 6x6 all-wheel drive log hauler chassis, superior passability;

2. Powerful and adaptable, the trailer is well designed and has a large load capacity;

3.  Applied to forest log transport, long pipe fittings transport, etc.


Drive form:  6x6 Cab:  HW76 standard cab
Gross weight:  25000KG Transmission:  HW19710
Overall quality:  9800KG Engine:  SINOTRUK WD615.47
Tyre:  12.00R20 Power (KW):  273
Front axle:  STR Displacement (ML):  9726
Rear axle:  ST16 Distributor:  ZQC2000


♦ Front axle: STR Steyr drive front axle, speed ratio 5.73 or 6.72 speed ratio

♦ Rear axle: ST16 STEYR double-stage reduction drive rear axle, speed ratio 5.73 or 6.72 speed ratio

Steering wheel: German ZF8098 steering wheel, can be left or right steering wheel.

Trailer: Pallet size 8750*270*9MM, gantry distance 900OMM.

Options: Chassis: engine oil sump protection grill; rear tow hook; front protection rack; working platform.


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