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HOWO 4X2 Tilt Slide Recovery Truck


Chassis model:


Towing truck


Recovery Truck

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Product description

SINOTRUK HOWO 4x2 Towing Truck
Chassis Model: ZZ1087D3815C1R
Driving Type: 4x2 
Overall Dimension: 7600×2500×2650mm
1880mm cabin with AC
Engine- EuroIII
CY4102BZLQ, 4-cylinder in-line, 3.856litre, diesel
Rated power: 120hp/88KW@2800rpm; Maximum torque:392N*m@1400~1800 rpm
Turbo-charging and Inter-cooling
Electric control flame out
Electric heating for intake air
WLY6T46,6-speed manual control gearbox
Maximum input torque: 460Nm
Rated rotation speed: 2800rpm
Centre distance: 115mm
Steering System:Power steering & Adjustable steering wheel
Front:1061, forging I-beam; Drum brake; Loading capacity 2.4T
Rear:1080, pressed welding axle housing; Drum brake; Ratio: 5.286 ; Loading capacity 7.2T
Front Semi-elliptical leaf springs with shock absorbers
Rear Semi-elliptical leaf springs with shock absorbers
Fuel Tank
Capacity     120 Liter
Type       Steel ,lockable
Braking System
Type           Air brake system
Service brake   Dual-circuit air brake
Parking brake   Spring energy brake
Auxiliary brake  Exhaust brake(Option)
Electrical System
Voltage    24 V
Batteries   2x 12V,80Ah
Alternator  28V/35A
Starter     4.5KW
Options    100Ah batteries
Wrecker assembly parts:
Max. Lifting weight    1500kg
Max. Lifting weight of full extending boom 1200kg
Effective length of boom 1600mm
Extension traveling of boom 1200mm
Elevation of boom (upper/ lower) 9~-10°
Min. Elevation of full extending platform
Max. Loading of platform 3000kg
External dimension of platform (length×width) 
Max. Pulling power of winch :   4000kg
Dia. Of steel cable :           10mm
Length of steel cable:          25m
Min. Speed of steel cable       5m/min

Batch export of vehicles

HOWO 4X2 Tilt Slide Recovery Truck

Ocean Shipping

HOWO 4X2 Tilt Slide Recovery Truck

IN NUDEChina main port


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