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Electric Mixer Truck





Electric Mixer Truck

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Product description

SINOTRUK New Energy Products-Product Layout 

One Main Leader, Two Wings Driving: Pure Electric Route as the Core, Supported by Hybrid Route and Fuel Cell Route
Based on SINOTRUK's strong R&D strength and integration of industry resources, the company focuses on building differentiated electric drive axle series products by charging and switching electricity at the same time.
Combined with SINOTRUK's in-depth understanding of market segments, we have a comprehensive layout for heavy, medium and light trucks.
Independent R&D and production of core components such as vehicle controller, axle, motor (Weichai), all-in-one controller, transmission, cab, frame and wiring harness.

SINOTRUK New Energy – The Only Top Match Guarantee System in the Industy

SINOTRUK New Energy Products-R&D Accumulation

New energy commercial vehicle products were developed in 2015 and introduced to the market in 2018;

Creating a pure electric unmanned container truck for SINOTRUK :“China’s model” for smart ports.

Product Layout:Comprehensive product layout for 6 major application scenarios.

◆Scenario: concrete transport
◆Product trend: ① charging-based ② large power consumption
◆SINOTRUK Preparation: Covering 8-12 square mixing cubic metres, 282 and 350kWh of power.

SINOTRUK New Energy—Competitiveness of purely electric mixer trucks

For the special-purpose and mixing market segments, Sinotruck mainly pushes the electric drive axle products with independent intellectual property rights, covering multi-drive forms, multi-axle spacing, multi-electricity, and multi-arrangement structures; there is no obstruction at the back of the frame and cab, and there is plenty of space for arrangement, which meets all kinds of retrofitting needs.

Full range of electric drive axle products, 
chassis versatility, convenient modification.

Short wheelbase: 12-party total wheelbase is controlled within 6.2 metres, 0.3 metres shorter than competitors, small turning radius, good passability;
Window of life: unique in the industry, the window of life on the right side of the cab improves safety;
Worry-free Gear Shift: Advantages embodied - more comfortable operation, more reasonable gear selection, safer judgement, multi-mode selectable, more interesting driving.





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