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Electric Tractor





Electric Tractor

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Product description

SINOTRUK New Energy Products-Product Layout 

One Main Leader, Two Wings Driving: Pure Electric Route as the Core, Supported by Hybrid Route and Fuel Cell Route
Based on SINOTRUK's strong R&D strength and integration of industry resources, the company focuses on building differentiated electric drive axle series products by charging and switching electricity at the same time.
Combined with SINOTRUK's in-depth understanding of market segments, we have a comprehensive layout for heavy, medium and light trucks.
Independent R&D and production of core components such as vehicle controller, axle, motor (Weichai), all-in-one controller, transmission, cab, frame and wiring harness.

SINOTRUK New Energy – The Only Top Match Guarantee System in the Industy

SINOTRUK New Energy Products-R&D Accumulation

New energy commercial vehicle products were developed in 2015 and introduced to the market in 2018;

Creating a pure electric unmanned container truck for SINOTRUK :“China’s model” for smart ports.

Product Layout:Comprehensive product layout for 6 major application scenarios.

● Segmentation scene: steel mills / ports short pour gradually spread to sand and gravel, coal, daily industrial chemicals and express delivery scene;
● Product trends: mass products gradually scene diversification ① large power / low deadweight ② large drive motor ③ low power consumption;
● Heavy Duty Vehicle Preparation: Covering medium and wide body, wide body cabs, and electric power covering 282, 350 and 422kWh.

SINOTRUK NEW ENERGY - Pure electric tractor core competence




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