Analysis of Four Advantages of Van customized Van semi-trailer

Customized Van semi-trailer is also used a lot in life. Using customized Van semi-trailer is efficient and has many advantages. Let's take a look at it together:

customized Van semi-trailer

1. Save the cost of packaging: Since the goods are directly packed in the customized Van semi-trailer, there is no need for flipping. Therefore, there is no need to package the goods separately, saving packaging costs.
2. Simplified loading and unloading operations: The customized Van semi-trailer only needs to be replaced during transshipment, and does not need to be flipped, which greatly simplifies loading and unloading operations and facilitates the realization of loading and unloading mechanization. The replacement of the customized Van semi-trailer generally only takes a few minutes, which shortens the waiting time for loading and unloading, improves labor productivity, and speeds up the turnover of goods and transportation tools.
3. The entire transportation cost is reduced: because the loading and unloading of the customized Van semi-trailer is basically not affected by the harsh weather, the non-productive berthing time of the ship is shortened, and the loading and unloading time is shortened due to the high loading and unloading efficiency. To improve the voyage rate and reduce the cost of ship transportation, for the port, it can improve the berth passing capacity, thereby increasing the throughput and increasing the income.
4. Reduced cargo damage and cargo difference: Since the customized Van semi-trailer itself is a sturdy package during the whole transportation process. The heavy-duty van semi-trailer is only opened for loading and unloading of goods at the initial transportation and final transportation, and the goods of the customized Van semi-trailer in the intermediate link do not need to be loaded upside down, so the goods are not easy to be damaged and lost. Van customized Van semi-trailer can reduce cargo damage and cargo difference caused by theft, dampness and contamination. It has great social benefits.
The above is the analysis of the advantages of customized Van semi-trailer, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

Analysis of Four Advantages of Van customized Van semi-trailer
Analysis of Four Advantages of Van customized Van semi-trailer