Wrecker truck

Recovery truck with crane function has the functions of lifting, lifting, traction and back-loading transport, etc. It is convenient and quick to operate, beautiful in shape, safe and reliable, and is widely used in the departments of highway, traffic police, wharf, automobile repairing industry, and highway company, etc. It can clean up the vehicles of accidents, breakdowns, and violation of regulations in a timely and quick manner.

Refrigerator truck

China SINOTRUK refrigerator trucks, featuring large horsepower and light weight, adopts famous domestic and foreign refrigerator units, with fast cooling and good refrigerating effect. The appearance is beautiful and atmospheric. Widely used in food, fruits, vegetables, medical, aquatic, tobacco, express, postal, supermarket, home and logistics and other fields.

Mining truck

Adopting integral high-strength flexible frame, the weight of the frame is only equivalent to 1/4-1/3 of the traditional rigid welded frame; modularized design of beams, the arrangement position and local strengthening position are determined after repeated force analysis, and the whole frame adopts riveted and bolted connection combination, which effectively improves the bending and torsion resistance of the frame; the frame width is the widest for the flexible frame in China, which better enhances the driving stability, load bearing performance and impact resistance of the whole vehicle. The width of the frame is the widest flexible frame in China, which improves the stability of the whole vehicle, and the bearing performance and impact resistance are stronger to meet the use of complex working conditions in the mining area.

Logging truck

perennial exports to Russia, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia and other over, with superior cost-effective to get a wide range of praise, and established a mature product system and pre-sale, sale, after-sales and other one-stop service system;

Fire truck

Foam/tank fire trucks are powerful, compact and maneuverable. It has large capacity of extinguishing agent, large flow rate of pump and gun, and high degree of system automation. The pipeline arrangement is reasonable, the position of water inlet and outlet and the placement of fire fighting equipment meet the requirements of the actual combat, high fire-fighting efficiency, suitable for fighting class A fires in industrial and civil buildings, but also for fighting class B fires in petrochemicals, coal, oil depots, etc., and it can also be used for long-distance, high-rise fire-fighting or relaying of water supply.

Aerial work truck

Designed for utility companies, providing a compact high-altitude working platform on a truck chassis with efficient payload storage. Equally perfect for various industries. Offers a range of hydraulic mobile flatbed tow trucks with crane insulation aerial working platform truck, including models with 18m and 20m reach.Get superior reach and efficiency , ideal for diverse applications.Offering impressive working height and horizontal reach.