Water tanker truck

1) Equipped with high suction, self-priming water pump with high pressure and fast suction speed. 2). Equipped with front, rear and side spray nozzles, high level spray nozzles and rear work platform.

Dry Bulk Cement Tanker

The dry bulk cement tanker trailer used for transporting cement is a bulk powder transport vehicle made of a combined specially designed chassis, pneumatic piping system, tanker and discharging units.

Concrete mixer truck

SINOTRUK Concrete Mixer Truck is mainly used in the long-distance mixing and conveying of concrete mix, which can effectively delay the initial setting of concrete, avoid the occurrence of stratification and segregation of concrete, and ensure the quality and speed of trial work. The tank capacity is 8m3, 9 m3, 10 m3, 12 m3, 14 m3, 16 m3, which can be matched with any special chassis for mixer trucks at home and abroad according to the user's choice. The driving system of the mixing drum of this product adopts the original imported American or German closed hydraulic system pumps, motors, reducers, and the supporting hydraulic accessories such as oil tanks, radiators, filters, and hose fittings are all imported, which ensures a long service life of the hydraulic system.