Dry Bulk Cement Tanker

The dry bulk cement tanker trailer used for transporting cement is a bulk powder transport vehicle made of a combined specially designed chassis, pneumatic piping system, tanker and discharging units.

This design is specially made for the safe transportation of bulk cement commodities, lime powder, coal powder and any other dry powder material that has a particle diameter of less than 0.1mm.

Its common application and use are in the cement manufacturing factory, construction sites and the cement warehouse. With the use of this type of trailer, packaging and discharging costs are greatly reduced. 

Dry bulk cement tanker trailers are specialized vehicles designed for transporting dry goods like cement, flour, or plastic pellets. These trailers come in various configurations, including different axle options and capacities ranging from 25 to 60 tons and 30 to 80 cubic meters. They typically feature pneumatic systems for loading and unloading powdered materials efficiently. Some models may offer customization options to suit specific transportation needs.