Water tanker truck

Functions and Applications

1) Equipped with high suction, self-priming water pump with high pressure and fast suction speed.

2). Equipped with front, rear and side spray nozzles, high level spray nozzles and rear work platform.

3). The water gun installed on the working platform can be rotated 360 degrees, and the water flow can be adjusted to various forms of rain. There are straight form, strong rain, medium rain and fine rain. The maximum range can reach 30M.

4) Equipped with fire coupling, flow valve, strainer and water level meter.

5) According to customer requirements, it can also be equipped with crane, high working platform and sprayer.

6). It is mainly used for cleaning of city roads, irrigation and greening of trees, green belts and full of grass dust from construction sites. It is also used to provide drinking water and fire fighting function etc.