Mining truck

The main innovations and breakthroughs of WT90L series wide-body dump truck (upgraded version) are:

(1) Adopting integral high-strength flexible frame, the weight of the frame is only equivalent to 1/4-1/3 of the traditional rigid welded frame; modularized design of beams, the arrangement position and local strengthening position are determined after repeated force analysis, and the whole frame adopts riveted and bolted connection combination, which effectively improves the bending and torsion resistance of the frame; the frame width is the widest for the flexible frame in China, which better enhances the driving stability, load bearing performance and impact resistance of the whole vehicle. The width of the frame is the widest flexible frame in China, which improves the stability of the whole vehicle, and the bearing performance and impact resistance are stronger to meet the use of complex working conditions in the mining area.

(2) The front suspension sliding plate structure effectively solves the stress release problem of the leaf spring in the deformation process, and the variable curvature steel plate spring ensures the needs of harsh working conditions in the mining area; the rear suspension adopts the unique combination of the "V"-style reinforced eight-thrust rod structure, and the pin-type jointed axle bearing structure, which completely solves the problems of bolt fracture, lateral force failure, and so on.

(3) Creative use of dual lateral longitudinal dual-cylinder hydraulic steering system simplifies the complex mechanical structure of dual front-wheel steering, lower cost and good reliability; steering wheel steering force is about twice as much as the mechanical type, which reduces the intensity of the driver's operation. At the same time, the use of tank merging technology and split pump technology, lifting oil pump intermittent work, small heat consumption, low energy consumption, a better solution to the problem of high failure rate of the system.

(4) Domestic independent innovation, the first time to develop and complete the 90T tons of gold power chain assembly, to solve the problem of high failure rate in the harsh environment of the mining area. The high-pressure common rail technology of off-road WP17 engine greatly improves the torque of the engine; independent innovation of "low-speed, high-power engine - less gears, low-ratio transmission - large speed ratio rear axle" mining truck power program, WP17G770E302 engine + 8DSS330 transmission + 30 + 60 + 60t axle, solving the problem of high failure in the harsh environment of the mining area. WP17G770E302 engine + 8DSS330 gearbox + 30+60+60t axle, which has overcome the key technology of power assembly matching for wide-body dump trucks. The mine distribution altitude span, innovation and development of plateau, plain universal performance engine, and the same engine at the same time to meet the 0-3000 meters of the normal use of mining areas.

(5) Tackled the key problem of small utilization coefficient of load mass of the entire mining truck, with the design total mass of 90t, rated load greater than 60t, and the utilization coefficient of load mass is 2.

This product can be widely used in metal, coal, cement, hydropower, infrastructure and other large-scale open-air scenes or construction sites, will be high power, high reliability, high cost-effective and high security, to meet the needs of the development of large-scale mining equipment at home and abroad, and to create better benefits for users.