Winter special car tire maintenance tips

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a foot, and the tire is the "foot" of the truck. If you want to drive your car normally and safely, you can't do without the normal function of the tires. Today, Xiaobian introduces the maintenance knowledge of winter truck tires.
Winter special car tire maintenance tips
Tire pressure monitoring
Because of the thermal expansion and contraction, the tire pressure in winter will also decrease. If the tire pressure is not properly increased, it will not only increase the fuel consumption of the car, but also accelerate the wear of the car tires, but it should also avoid the impact of excessive tire pressure. Ground force has an impact on the handling of the car, especially the braking.
Anti-rubber aging
When the tires reach the winter, the rubber will become hard and become relatively brittle, and the friction coefficient will be reduced. Therefore, the tire pressure should not be too high, but it should not be too low, the outside temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, and the soft tire can accelerate the aging. And intensify the contact between the tire and the ground, it will accelerate the friction and reduce the life of the tire.
Tread maintenance
In winter, the inclusions in the tread should be cleaned frequently. Try to avoid using tires that have been replenished more than once, and replace tires with large wear and different brands. The internal and external wear of the tire is very different. To ensure safety and reduce wear, the tire should be replaced regularly. However, it should be noted that tires of different specifications and different structures cannot be installed on the same axle. Tires of different specifications are mounted on the same shaft, which may cause over- or under-steering, which may cause side slip and easily cause traffic accidents. Even for different brands of the same specifications, it is best not to mix and match because of the difference in tire quality and tread.
Reasonable use of tires
This is a factor directly related to the truck driver. Excessive start, sudden steering, emergency braking, high-speed driving in areas with poor road conditions, frequent road trips and tire scraping obstacles, etc., can cause serious wear and tear of the tires, thereby reducing the service life of the tires. Therefore, developing a good driving habit and using the tire properly is one of the most direct and effective ways to maintain the tire.
In the winter, we will do the relevant maintenance work for the tires to ensure their normal work. It is about making money and life safety. The old drivers must remember to treat the “basic cadres” of the trucks – tires.
Winter special car tire maintenance tips
Winter special car tire maintenance tips