Recently, car owners have contacted us to say that their cars are good, and suddenly they become boring when they are driving. When they encounter such problems, they don’t pay much attention and delay the trip. Can only make do with the run, and then find the repair shop to check the repair. What is the reason for the sudden sudden loss of the vehicle?
There are many factors in the sudden weakening of the vehicle during driving, but the common reasons are mainly the following. The following are some of the faults that easily cause the power to deteriorate, so that the owner can easily understand the solution.
What if the car suddenly loses strength? The cause of the malfunction is here!
Insufficient fuel supply in the cylinder
The problem with the intake system of the vehicle is a major cause of sudden deterioration of the vehicle's power. We can follow the intake system to find out where the fault has caused the lack of air supply to the engine, causing the fuel in the cylinder to burn insufficiently to make the truck power suddenly deteriorate. .
First check whether the air pipe is broken or the interface is loose and leaking. If the intake pipe leaks, the oxygen supply in the diesel engine cylinder is insufficient, the combustion is insufficient, and the power will become small. Check the leak position. If the interface is loose, you can tighten the lower interface yourself. If the crack occurs, the crack is relatively small. You can use the tape to stick it first, and then find a professional repair factory to replace it.
As the lungs of the engine, the air filter is very important. After the air filter is used for a period of time, the filter element will be covered with dust in the air, the filtering capacity will be reduced, and the air circulation will be hindered, which will easily lead to excessive mixture and the engine. The work is not normal and the power performance is deteriorated. Daily attention should be paid to the cleaning and maintenance of the air filter. When the filtering effect is deteriorated, it should be replaced immediately.
Nowadays, whether the diesel engine or the gasoline engine pays more and more attention to the use of the supercharger, the supercharger can increase the intake pressure, increase the intake air volume of the engine, and make the fuel combustion more fully, thereby improving the power of the engine. If there is a problem with the supercharger, the engine air supply is reduced and the power is reduced.
Superchargers are often in high-speed, high-temperature working environment, and you must pay attention to these three problems in daily use:
1. Cold cars must not be taken away by car.
2. Do not turn off the fire immediately after driving.
3. The oil and filter must be genuine.
After the air is compressed by the supercharger, the density is high and the temperature is high. In order to maintain the stable temperature and pressure of the pressurized air, the intercooler is required to cool down to reduce the engine heat load, increase the intake air amount, and increase the engine power. .
In daily driving, due to various factors: such as the use of inferior air filter, pipe rupture, etc., the interior of the intercooler is very easy to become dirty and clogged, and the intercooler has not paid attention to maintenance for a long time. The sundries have basically lost their use value.
Insufficient air supply due to small valve clearance or poor sealing
The valve is an important part of the engine. It is responsible for the input of air and the discharge of exhaust gas. It detects whether the intake valve clearance is too small. If the intake valve clearance is too small, the engine supply is insufficient, the fuel in the cylinder is insufficient, and the power is reduced. If the valve is poorly sealed or the clearance is too large, it is easy to cause pressure relief in the cylinder, which will also cause the engine power to drop.
Diesel filter plugged injector wear
Diesel filters are an indispensable part of trucks. Their main function is to remove debris from diesel fuel and prevent common rail systems, especially injectors, from becoming clogged. Diesel filtration has good filterability to reduce wear and tear, ensure stable engine operation and improve engine reliability.
In some areas of China, the oil quality is relatively poor. When the diesel oil is used for a long time, if the water or impurities in the diesel oil are not filtered, the plunger coupler in the fuel injector will be worn and injured. Damage to the injector may cause unstable acceleration, acceleration, or black smoke, which may affect the normal operation of the vehicle.