Nine knowledge points of concrete mixer truck, how many do you know?

We have summarized nine points related to concrete mixer trucks for you. After reading this article, I believe you will know something about concrete mixer trucks.


1. What should I pay attention to when driving a concrete mixer truck?


To drive a concrete mixer truck, for experienced drivers, general knowledge of safe driving is good. What I want to remind here is that because the concrete is fluid, when the vehicle is turning sharply, the speed must be reduced to prevent the centrifugal force generated by the concrete from making the vehicle unstable!


2. What are the effects of more concrete on the concrete mixer truck?


If there is too much concrete in the mixer under 9 square meters, the truck will leak during the climbing process; if the 12 square mixer is equipped with too much concrete, the mixing will be layered, the concrete sand rate is low, and the gravel particle size is too large. Pumping a lot of stones.


3. New mixer trucks are generally prone to problems after a few years of operation?


It usually takes five years to pull dry materials and seven years for wet materials. Generally, mixer trucks are prone to problems after 3 years. The problems of mixer trucks have a lot to do with personal maintenance and manufacturers.


4. What should I do if the concrete solidifies in the concrete mixer truck?


After the concrete is solidified, its main components are dicalcium silicate and tricalcium silicate. In theory, hydrochloric acid can react with it to release its solid state. But in fact it is difficult to operate, because the feed port of the concrete mixer truck is very small, the amount of hydrochloric acid is difficult to control, and the hydrochloric acid can also react with the tank body of the concrete mixer truck. In fact, this situation is often cut through the tank with electric welding or gas cutting, and then the solidified concrete is mechanically broken.


5. What is meant by the top of the concrete mixer truck?


The top of the concrete mixer truck refers to things other than the chassis fender, including the mixing tank and support, the inlet and outlet hopper, the hydraulic system and the reducer, the water tank and the pipeline, and the operating linkage mechanism.


6. Are the hydraulic systems of general mixer truck manufacturers domestic or imported?


Generally, manufacturers will choose the equipment according to the size of the mixer and the needs of customers. The standard configuration of less than 6 square meters is a domestic system (optional import), and the standard configuration of more than 6 square meters is an imported system.


7. Is the hydraulic pump of the small-square-volume mixer truck the selected volume pump or variable pump?


The hydraulic pump is the main component of the concrete mixer truck. Generally, the concrete mixer truck with less than 6 square meters is the standard fixed pump, but it is recommended that the customer choose the variable pump.


8. What is the welding process of the concrete mixer truck?


Generally speaking, automatic seamless welding is used for the welding of the entire car, and the circular seams and longitudinal seams are all automatic seamless welding.


9. What should I do if the concrete mixer truck is exhausted?


Is there a better way other than adding water?


If it is because of the concrete, then it depends on whether the slump is too small or the concrete strength is too high, or the concrete is too sticky and not good. The above reasons can be adjusted according to the construction requirements. Under the circumstances, it is necessary to consider whether there is a problem with the blade angle and the cutting port.


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Nine knowledge points of concrete mixer truck, how many do you know?
Nine knowledge points of concrete mixer truck, how many do you know?