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How to choose water tank truck for construction sites, cities and towns

How to choose water tank truck for construction sites, cities and towns

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According to the relevant national environmental maintenance rules, in order to reduce the dust pollution generated during the construction process, the construction site should be equipped with a dust reduction water tank truck to reduce dust particles in the air. The main function of the water tank truck used on the construction site is to reduce dust and wash the road surface. But the general road conditions on the construction site are not so good. Therefore, when choosing a water tank truck on a construction site, it is necessary to consider the horsepower of the water tank truck and the bearing capacity of the rear axle.

Water tank truck

Therefore, you need to choose a vehicle with a higher and solid chassis, a large horsepower, and a tonnage of about 12 to 15 square meters. At the same time, one thing to note is that a water tank truck with a high chassis is best equipped with large-size steel tires.

Water tank truck

Which size is suitable for the water tank truck used to maintain and reduce dust on urban roads?

Generally speaking, the proposal to use more than 12 tons of urban water tank trucks is mainly due to two considerations: the city needs more vegetation and road washing for greening, and the greening of water tank trucks takes a long time to work, so a large tank volume is required. Water tank truck, so as not to add water repeatedly and affect work efficiency.

Ordinary vehicles with water tank trucks of more than 12 tons have a high chassis, good visibility, and high water pump pressure, which can easily wash 6 to 8 lanes to further enhance the work effect. The township water tank truck actually has the same function as the urban water tank truck, and it is green. Dust down. But compared to cities, township roads are not so wide.