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Precautions for Tipper semi-trailer in the process of loading and unloading goods

Precautions for Tipper semi-trailer in the process of loading and unloading goods

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Tipper semi-trailer usually requires more driving operation of the driver due to the increase in weight and the length and bandwidth of the Tipper semi-trailer after the goods are shipped. Here, we want to introduce what Tipper semi-trailer should pay attention to when loading and unloading goods.

Tipper semi-trailer

Tipper semi-trailer is the best choice for loading and unloading goods in a flat place. If loading and unloading goods in a sloped place, you should go down the ramp, with the front of the car facing the front and bottom of the ramp, and someone must direct the loading and unloading, and you must be careful in the operation. It should be noted here that loading and unloading on the cross slope must be absolutely prohibited. During the loading and unloading process, the driver must observe the changes in the compartment from the rear window of the car. If the tire is sinking and the body is inclined to one side, the loading and unloading should be stopped immediately. When loading and unloading relatively large objects, according to the situation, whether to reduce the baffle. When loading and unloading particulate objects, the compartment should be flushed in time. After unloading, the carriage must be restored in time. In order to eliminate emissions, it is necessary to maintain a proper distance and safety of the foundation pit to prevent the slope from collapsing.

Tipper semi-trailer is safe. During the unloading process, the safe unloading within the safe roll angle of the vehicle is realized, and the unloading stability is 100%; the special propulsion system is equipped during the driving process, which effectively avoids accidents caused by the accidental lifting of the car box during the driving process caused by the driver's misoperation.