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The cleaning method of Tipper semi-trailer can greatly improve efficiency

The cleaning method of Tipper semi-trailer can greatly improve efficiency

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Tipper semi-trailer needs to be cleaned frequently due to its working environment. It is very important for drivers to have a complete set of cleaning methods and steps. On the one hand, a good method greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning, and on the other hand, the cleaning time is greatly shortened. The following editor will summarize.

Tipper semi-trailer

To clean the Tipper semi-trailer bumper, use a sponge or soft cloth to scrub the body. Usually, the body is cleaned with wax and brushes rich in abrasives, which will damage the appearance of the body. If the car body is contaminated by brake oil, engine oil, lubricating oil, electrolyte, etc., it should be scrubbed with alcohol.

To clean the body of Tipper semi-trailer, use leather, cloth, carpet, vacuum cleaner, and plastic products. Dip the synthetic detergent solution for car washing on the cloth, slowly scrub the hanging body, and carefully wipe it with a cloth dipped in water. , Avoid direct sunlight, and dry the car in a ventilated place.

To clean the Tipper semi-trailer wheel hub, you should choose a neutral scrubbing agent. After cleaning, scrub it quickly. Be careful not to clean it with hard objects such as iron brushes. Do not use a high-pressure steam cleaner to clean it. Also, do not use acidic agents for cleaning.