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Importance and complexity of Tipper semi-trailer design

Importance and complexity of Tipper semi-trailer design

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Friends who run transportation should know that the deformation value of the frame structure of the International Tipper semi-trailer standardization committee must be less than two millimeters. Coating process, aggregate pretreatment position puts forward very high requirements, in the determination of shot blasting machine angle, speed, abrasive type, including particle diameter, leaf transmission speed and many other technical parameters, a slight negligence will cause the steel plate to deform. , The box body cannot be welded, which will cause serious large-scale steel scrap and suffer heavy losses.

Tipper semi-trailer

The shot blasting process of Tipper semi-trailer steel plate pretreatment is also very complicated. The maximum total mass of a dump truck is also the sum of the mass of the car body and the maximum load. In order to overload the car body, the car body itself should be made small, so the left side of the box body, the front panel, and the door panel have a thin steel plate, generally only 1.6 to 2 mm, and the last row is 6 mm. It can be seen that the design of such a huge car body must be accurate to the millimeter, and the error cannot exceed half a millimeter.

In addition, Tipper semi-trailer needs to be able to unload under a variety of difficult working conditions. Restricted height unloading: Suitable for automatic unloading under low buildings or tunnels and other height-restricted conditions. Fixed-point and quantitative unloading: It can be used simultaneously with municipal paving equipment. Horizontal two-way paving and unloading: It can improve the work efficiency in road construction. Cantilever unloading: It is more suitable for use under soft conditions such as "stacking" unloading or reclamation in open-pit mines.