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What is the difference between china Fence semi-trailer and full trailer

What is the difference between china Fence semi-trailer and full trailer

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China Fence semi-trailer consists of a Fence semi-trailer carriage connected to the back of a tractor. Between them, they are supported on the tractor by the tractor seat of the semi-trailer. There are the following types: trailers, large container trucks. For tank semi-trailers, flatbed semi-trailers, container semi-trailers, and dump semi-trailers, the loading positions are the same as those of full-trailers.

china Fence semi-trailer

A full trailer refers to an ordinary car with a full trailer attached to the rear, and the two are connected by a hook. Full trailers can increase the loading capacity of trucks and reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing transportation costs. There are several types:
Tank trailer: a full trailer with a closed tank structure as the loading part.
Flat trailer: A trailer with a flat structure and no rails on the floor of the cargo area.
Container trailer: A trailer with a frame structure and no floor for loading cargo, which is specially designed for transporting containers.
Dump trailer—a full trailer with automatic dumping device at the load position.

There are certain differences in the use of the China Fence semi-trailer and the full trailer area:
(1) When the angle of the road is not large enough, the full trailer is better to turn around than the semi-trailer, and it is easier to turn.
(2) When unloading, when the site is not wide enough, the full trailer can be unloaded, the main trailer can be unloaded separately, but the semi-trailer cannot.
(3) Full trailers and heavy vehicles can turn at right angles, but semi-trailers cannot.
(4) The full trailer is light and the semi-trailer is heavy, but the China Fence semi-trailer neutralizes this problem. The difference is about 1-3 tons.
(5) Because the full trailer uses tow hooks and tripods to tow the trailer, it is not as safe as the semi-trailer saddle traction.