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How to spend the running-in period of Water bowser truck

How to spend the running-in period of Water bowser truck

Water bowser truck
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The maintenance of the running-in period. The maintenance of the water bowser truck during the running-in period is the same as other cars, and must be strictly implemented in accordance with the instructions in the book. The engine speed should not be too high, preferably not exceeding 3000 rpm. Don’t drive at high speed, don’t load too much, don’t use the same gear for a long time, and it’s also best not to drive at high speed or low gear or low gear at high speed.

Water bowser truck

During the driving process, pay attention to check whether the various instruments and steering system of the Water bowser truck are normal, and pay attention to observe and listen to whether the engine, chassis, and water tank body are abnormal or abnormal during driving. New cars must prevent the use of emergency systems. In this way, the braking system that is still running in will be impacted, and it will also increase the impact load of the chassis and the engine.

Damage the tires, and easily leave brake marks on the brake disc. Therefore, it is best not to brake urgently within the first 300 kilometers of the Water bowser truck. Of course, this is under the premise of normal safety. If there is any uncontrollable reason in the theory, it should be based on the theoretical situation.

It is best not to run long distances for the newly purchased Water bowser truck. The continuous working time of the sprinkler is too long, which will aggravate the wear of various parts. Also, because the precision of domestic machinery technology is not 100% perfect, if some small iron filings are not discharged properly, It is more likely to cause internal injuries in response to the engine, which will affect the service life.

Before leaving the water bowser truck, perform regular inspections, such as whether the brake system and lubrication system are normal, whether the connection points of each component can be locked, whether the vehicle has any abnormalities such as oil leakage, water leakage, etc., and start the engine's lubricating oil. , Whether fuel and water tank coolant need to be added, whether the tire pressure and lighting of the vehicle are normal, etc.