Main structure and working principle of Water bowser truck products

Water bowser truck products are based on automobile chassis, and its working device is composed of water tank assembly, transmission device, pipeline system and control system.

Water bowser truck products

1. Water tank assembly
The water tank assembly of Water bowser truck products consists of tank body, supporting legs, tank mouth and cover, and compartment device. The tank body is usually welded with steel plates, and its cross-sectional shape can be oval, rectangular, or circular. The form of supporting legs can be divided into two types: integral bottom frame type and basin bottom frame type. The latter can be further divided into longitudinal beam split type and outrigger completely independent type. The number and diameter of the tank mouth is related to the volume of the tank body: according to the size of the tank body, the tank mouth can be set up to 1-2; Should not be less than 450mm, so that maintenance personnel can enter and exit. The standard also stipulates that the tank must be equipped with a transverse wave board, the volume is greater than 1000L tank, and the compartment structure and longitudinal wave board must also be used. Here, the can lid must be provided with a vent hole.

2. Transmission
The transmission device of water bowser truck products generally includes a reduction or speed increaser and a drive shaft, which transmit power to the water pump and meet the requirements of the speed and direction of rotation of the water pump. The power device of the sprinkler can be an additional auxiliary engine or electric motor, or the main engine of the car. Generally, the power is taken from the transmission of the automobile, and the above requirements of the water pump are met through the power take-off. If the power take-off cannot meet the above requirements, an intermediate transmission can be added. The drive shaft can be designed and manufactured according to the needs, and mature automobile-related products can also be selected. There are centrifugal pumps and self-priming pumps for sprinkler trucks.

3. Piping system
The piping system of water bowser truck products has the functions of delivering water to the water tank when absorbing water, delivering the water in the water tank to the sprinkler head when spraying water, and directing the suction water to the sprinkler head. The suction pipe is generally composed of rubber hose and steel pipe, and the sprinkler pipe is usually composed of steel pipe, valve and nozzle. The sprinklers are divided into two types: fixed sprinklers and movable sprinklers. The water flow direction and sprinkler density of fixed sprinklers are fixed, and the water flow direction and sprinkler density of movable sprinklers can be adjusted arbitrarily within a larger range.

4. Control system
The control system of the water bowser truck products includes two parts: the power take-off gear control and the water absorption and sprinkler control. There are two kinds of operation modes: pneumatic operation and manual operation. The air pressure operation of the power take-off is composed of the gear shifting mechanism, pipelines, valves and indicating instruments. The manual operation is composed of a gear shifting mechanism, a joystick and a positioning mechanism, a transmission mechanism and an indication nameplate. There are also hand-operated operations for water absorption and water spraying, but the most common is air pressure operation. Air pressure control includes control valve, pipeline and actuator, etc. The control valve controls the action of the actuator to determine the direction of water flow and achieve the purpose of absorbing or spraying water.

Main structure and working principle of Water bowser truck products
Main structure and working principle of Water bowser truck products