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Bulldozer SD42-3


ENGINE POWER:With 340KW/2200, this engine conforms to China-II emission regulation.








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Product description


  • ENGINE POWER:With 340KW/2200, this engine conforms to China-II emission regulation.

Product Parameter

Parameter name SD42-3(STANDARD)
Performance parameters  
Operating weight (Kg) 52000 (Ripper not include)
Ground pressure (kPa) 123
Engine model Chongqing cummins KTA19-C525
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 340/2200
Overall dimensions  
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 9629*4300*3875
Driving performance  
Forward speed (km/h) 0~12.2/0~14.8
Reversing speed (km/h) 0~12.2/0~14.8
Chassis System  
Center distance of track (mm) 2260
Width of track shoes (mm) 610
Ground length(mm) 3560
Tank capacity  
Fuel tank (L) 650
Working device  
Blade type Semi-U
Digging depth (mm) 700
Ripper type Single shank
Ripping depth (mm) 1400


Product Strengths

1.Cummins KTA19-C525 turbocharged diesel engine reduces the quantity of parts by >25% and saves the maintenance time by >50% than like products, featuring strong power and high efficiency and energy-saving.

2.The high reliability power shift transmission and the planetary gear final drive feature high power transmission efficiency and high durability and productivity.

3.The new structure cylinder and the originally imported seals and hydraulic hoses for critical portions are adopted to greatly promote the service life and reliability. The external working valves make the maintenances easier.

4.The imported instruments feature higher reliability and more accurate and distinct indications and realize electronic monitoring and out-of-limit alarm for the operation conditions of major components and for the parameters such as oil temperature, oil level, and water temperature.

5.The K-type air suspension traveling system and hinged chassis structure can effectively guard the drive system against the influence of impact load and improve the traction performance and life of the machine.

6.The full box-type main frame with application of high performance materials and high strength castings features high carrying capacity against impact load and bending moment to support the continuous high-strength working of machine under severe working condition and the high quality welds guarantee the life cycle of the main frame.

7.The ergonomic driver seat and armrests can be adjusted easily in vertical and longitudinal directions. The gearshift, steering, and accelerator controls are arranged on the left side and the working device controls are arranged on the right side. The PPC pilot control system is adopted to achieve lighter and more flexible operations and relieve the operating fatigue.

8.The front working device is one standard semi-U blade in super-high capacity of 16m3, which is an ideal high-efficiency working device for earthwork constructions and bulk material handling. The rear working device is one single-shank ripper of adjustable angle, featuring super-strong penetrating force.


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