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Electric Dump





Electric Dump

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Product description

SINOTRUK New Energy Products-Product Layout 

One Main Leader, Two Wings Driving: Pure Electric Route as the Core, Supported by Hybrid Route and Fuel Cell Route
Based on SINOTRUK's strong R&D strength and integration of industry resources, the company focuses on building differentiated electric drive axle series products by charging and switching electricity at the same time.
Combined with SINOTRUK's in-depth understanding of market segments, we have a comprehensive layout for heavy, medium and light trucks.
Independent R&D and production of core components such as vehicle controller, axle, motor (Weichai), all-in-one controller, transmission, cab, frame and wiring harness.

SINOTRUK New Energy – The Only Top Match Guarantee System in the Industy

SINOTRUK New Energy Products-R&D Accumulation

New energy commercial vehicle products were developed in 2015 and introduced to the market in 2018;

Creating a pure electric unmanned container truck for SINOTRUK :“China’s model” for smart ports.

Product Layout:Comprehensive product layout for 6 major application scenarios.

◆Segmentation scenarios: slag, and field short dumping [282/power exchange and 282/charging];
◆Product trends: ① large drive motors ② cargo box diversification ③ cargo box lengthening;
◆SINOTRUK Preparation: Covering 5.6m-7.8m cargo box, power covering 282, 350 and 422kWh.

SINOTRUK New Energy—Core Competitive Advantages of Pure Electric dump

Autonomous high-power motors, matched with HW series transmission and drive axle on par with international technology, giving full play to the advantages of SINOTRUK's golden power chain, covering two technical routes of recharging and switching, with an early time on the market, mature technology, and stable products to meet the scenarios of urban slag, short-dumping in factories/harbours, etc.




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