HOWO 150 KING Mining dump truck

HOWO 150 KING Mining dump truckThe appearance of tall, tough, industrial style

First of all, the mining car in the design style, and we often see the highway car to take a very different route, the overall design style of this Haworth 150 is hard, rough, coupled with its huge body size, very reminiscent of the Wandering Earth movie like the huge mining car, with a very strong industrial style.

Asymmetric cab is a very interesting design, the entire front of the vehicle is only two-thirds belongs to the cab, the other three-quarter is left to a huge filter, this filter not only has two air filters, at the same time it is also an oil filter, air filter oil filter double measures, the maximum possible in the harsh environment to provide clean air for the engine.

Although the king is big, all the organs are complete, as a special scene to use the Howo 150, or retain the truck should have things, such as the traditional rearview mirror. You can see the main driver's side of the rearview mirror is quite normal, and the cab is installed together, the passenger side of the mirror installation method is more peculiar, because the cab is asymmetric design, the passenger side can only be another extra steel pipe to provide a mirror installation position, the solution is also considered simple and effective.

Vehicle body up to, the driver's line of sight will inevitably be affected, the good news is that with the enhancement of technology, two small camera to solve the problem, you can see the two sides of the rearview mirror below the installation of a camera, the camera captures the image information transmitted to the display in the cab, you can solve the problem of line of sight. Similarly, the vehicle is also installed in the rear of the camera, which makes this HOWO 150 has a reversing image function.

Equipped with Heavy Duty Truck's 540 hp MC engine and a 19.135 speed ratio.

Such a huge body, should be equipped with how big the engine, I believe this is a lot of people want to know the problem, then we first have to figure out the working environment of the Haworth 150, it is land driving, there is no excessive demand for speed, so there is no need to move the V12 or V16 engine.

The engine is familiar with the Heavy Duty Truck MC13, displacement 13 liters, maximum power of 540 horsepower, maximum output torque of 2,500 N.m, and Shandeka and Howo TH7 series with the same engine, but with the ordinary MC13 is different in its model number, is MC13.54T30, should be a non-paved road on the special emission standards.

The transmission matched with the engine is very rare, not ZF, not HOWO series, but a Faster 8DSS330 model transmission, which is a special transmission launched by Faster specifically for the high-torque working environment. 8DSS330 has a total of eight forward gears and a reverse gear, and the maximum input torque is 3,300 N.m., which is far greater than the highway gearbox. The maximum input torque is 3300N.m, which is much larger than the input torque of road transmission.

At the same time, this transmission is also matched with Faster's FHB400 hydrodynamic retarder, which can provide a maximum braking torque of 4000N.m. For the HOWO 150, which is often driven in mines, the role of the retarder is very important.

Let's take a look at the drive axle, 6x4 drive, model MCK60ZG, from the model number you can see that it is also MC technology, and 60 should be its tonnage, a very tough model. The speed ratio is very large, large enough to shock off the jaw, a full 19.135 so large, this speed ratio, it can be from the engine torque instantly enlarged many times, not exaggerating, this is a torque amplifier, and then with the special structure of the wheel reduction bridge, continue to increase the torque of a time, so that the Howo 150 mine bully even in the case of a full load, you can also do in the unpaved road to start easily, and also has a strong ability to get out of trouble.