HOWO Folding Boom Truck Cranes

Advantages of folding arm truck crane:

1, high efficiency, folding arm crane through a number of hydraulic cylinders to extend the work, similar to the robotic device, rapid action, fast response, precise and fast operating efficiency;

2, good flexibility, folding jib crane can realize the complex angle of lifting with the car, at the same time can accurately place the position of the goods;

3, occupies a small space, folding jib crane in the transportation of the whole boom can be contracted, occupies a relatively small space, can effectively avoid the plight of the goods over high;

4, can install auxiliary tools, folding arm crane can be retrofitted with work bucket, clamp (clamp brick clamp wood clamp scrap iron), basket, a variety of grips, auger (drilling holes) and other auxiliary tools;

5, more suitable for narrow environment operation, folding arm crane can be in the limited height of the environment operation, such as plant, tunnel.

To summarize, straight arm truck crane structure is simple, easy to manipulate, affordable, wide range of operations; folding arm crane high efficiency, more accurate, more flexible, to cope with the narrow space. Each product will have its own advantages and disadvantages, as to how to choose, depends on which type is more suitable for themselves, there is no best only better.