HOWO light duty cargo truck

Logistics Pioneer, Smoothly Traveling to Five Continents

With 60 years of experience in manufacturing heavy-duty trucks, advanced manufacturing technology, and first-class production equipment, China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation (CNHTC) creates cost-effective products by matching the models with the actual needs of the users in order to satisfy their maximum benefits.

Driving Experience

Large cab space, adjustable steering wheel, multi-angle adjustable seat, so that driving to get full comfort. Luxurious interior, high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship highlight the high-quality experience.


1, strong power: the engine is mature, powerful and low noise. 2, fuel economy: China National Heavy Duty Truck (CNHTC) matches the engine, transmission, rear axle ratio, as well as different types of tires according to the user's actual requirements, such as the load capacity and speed, saving fuel up to 10-20%. 3, stronger load carrying capacity

Higher safety in the industry

a, according to the length of the whole vehicle, frame type or L-type rearview mirror scientific matching, split lens to ensure no blind spot, driving safer.
b, the body of the European advanced production technology, the introduction of imported welding production line, the selection of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, to ensure that the cab has a high strength, in similar products with better safety.
c, compared with vehicles in the industry, the frame's extra-wide design improves driving stability.

The large field of vision of China National Heavy Duty Truck Light Truck

The front windshield angle increases by 20 degrees, the area increases by 0.3 square meters, split mirrors, so that the driver's field of vision is more open, and the A-pillar design of the unobstructed field of vision eliminates the blind spot and further improves safety.
Comparable to the industry, other brands have larger curvature and integrated mirrors in the front windshield, and the driver's field of vision is limited.