HOWO7 8x4 dump truck

HOWO7 is the most popular model in the African market and the first model in African market share, imposing, rigid and smooth, graceful and elegant, fully demonstrating its unique leadership temperament, especially in the comfort, safety, convenience and other humanized design, aiming at the level of world-class heavy-duty trucks. By the end of 2019, the sales volume of Haworth heavy-duty trucks will exceed 1 million units.


High reliability, strong power, low fuel consumption

Strong fuel adaptability, adaptable to African road conditions, lower maintenance and service costs, ensuring lower cost of use.


Classic, mature and reliable

Adopting HOWO series gearbox of China National Heavy Duty Truck, with high performance and reliable quality.


Reliable axles for various applications

Our innovative and advanced engineering technology and high quality production base in China enable our axles to have outstanding performance in terms of durability, fuel efficiency and noise performance.

4. Classic Cab

HOWO heavy-duty cabs are meticulously designed on the basis of absorbing the famous European heavy-duty truck cabs, which are in line with the international trend and unique in China.