Full-trailer tipper

Adopting mature modularized design with advanced structure and a number of invention and utility model patents, the company takes high-end manufacturing system as its strategy to build high-end U-type tipper semi-trailer series products. It can transport different kinds of goods such as ore, gravel, block stone, coal, bauxite, grain and so on. Applicable to Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Europe and other countries and regions road conditions, suitable for short-distance transportation in mining areas and medium and long-distance road transportation, torsion resistance, cross-country and durability is stronger.

● Comprehensive application of high strength steel and wear-resistant steel materials, combined with finite element analysis, component testing, all-weather road testing and other multiple verification, the frame and upper body joint weight reduction, to achieve the optimal combination of self-weight and volume.

Frame: VICT 700L high-strength steel is used in the whole system, with cross beams in the center for good torsional resistance;

● Carriage: applying ROCKY 450 super-strong wear-resistant steel, the strength reaches 1300MPa, equivalent to Swedish Hardox 450 wear-resistant steel, which is 3-5 times higher than the carriages made of ordinary materials. Better anti-impact, wear-resistant, anti-fatigue performance, longer full life cycle.

● Multi-stage hydraulic cylinders of famous brands such as Hyva, Binotto, VICT, etc.: fast and smooth lifting and lowering, safer and more reliable;

● Dual air circuit braking system: applying WABCO and other famous imported braking systems, with reasonable arrangement, fast and safe braking, and lower failure rate;

● Circuit system: 12-24V multi-voltage change, LED lamps and lanterns, can match with many brands of tractor, driving safety is higher.

● As a special purpose for the transportation of fishing products, the compartment is made of stainless steel, which improves the strength and corrosion resistance of the compartment and reduces the pollution of the products;

● The back door is equipped with a drainage hole controlled by a butterfly valve, and can be opened hydraulically or mechanically;

Hydraulic locking mechanism and special sealing rubber strips ensure the sealing performance of the compartment;

● Top loading opening with folio structure, non-slip design and fence effectively improve the safety of operation.