Side Rail Semi Trailer

Product Characteristics

1、Excellent craftsmanship: The main parts of the vehicle are processed by advanced equipments, the longitudinal beam is welded by the fully automatic tracking submerged arc welding machine imported from the U.S.A.; the vehicle parts are all processed by shot blasting, which greatly enhances the adhesion of the paint, and the fittings are assembled by the process of spraying the paint first and then assembling the fittings.

2、Frame: The frame adopts 16Mn steel plate and high-strength steel plate to make the welded longitudinal beams and the whole penetrating cross beams welded into the space frame structure. The structure is reasonable and has strong bearing capacity.

3、Axles: imported or domestic high-quality brand axles are selected, and ABS antilock braking system of famous brands at home and abroad is installed to improve the safety of vehicle traveling.

4、Suspension system: adopting unique new suspension system with high strength and strong impact resistance; the patented tie rod fixing structure ensures that it will not come loose in the process of running frequent bumps, effectively reducing tire wear and prolonging service life.

5、Tool box: waterproof, large volume removable tool box.

6. Frame: The longitudinal beam made of hot rolled steel or welded manganese steel is welded together with the transverse beams and steel members to form a frame structure. It has reasonable structure, balanced overall strength and rigidity, high bearing capacity, good elasticity and no permanent deformation.

7. Carriage plate: It is welded by anisotropic steel frame, tile-ribbed carriage plate and steel plate molded column, with excellent manufacturing technology and reasonable structure.

8、Brake system: It adopts safe and reliable double circuit air-break brake, and the quick release valve is installed in the system, so that it can be quickly returned to the position by using the sub-pump when the brake is applied.