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With 75kW/2400 , this engine conforms to China-II emission regulation.





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Product description


  • High-end system configuration

    The high-performance turbocharged engine with mechanical pump features high power, low fuel consumption, and powerful fuel adaptability. 
  • Firm and durable structural parts

    The upper frame adopts the modal analysis technology to realize high firmness and durability while effectively reducing the vibration and noise of machine.

    The design of structural parts is comprehensive optimized and the critical load-carrying locations are reinforced to resist against severe working conditions.

    The baseplates, side plates, and reinforcement plates of bucket are made of high-strength wear-resistant material to improve the durability of bucket.

  • Comfortable and convenient operating environment

    The colors of the all-injection-molded interior trim parts are effectively matched as per ergonomics to mitigate the operator’s visual fatigue.

    The cab in high-strength irregular-shaped tubular framework structure features broad forward and backward visions and high working safety and is installed with fire extinguisher, escape hammer, and seat belt.

    The high-power A/C system outputs pleasant airflow in three-dimensional manner. The excellent shock-absorbing and noise-reduction performance can realize a perfect driving/riding comfort.


  • Highly reliable traveling device

    The overall layout and axles load distribution are more reasonable, the driving stability is much better, the maximum driving speed can reach 22km/h. as a result,the transition speed is faster.
  • Advanced hydraulic system

    Leading hydraulic system distribution technology, energy saving and efficient, large flow, to meet the needs of more equipment configuration
  • Optional attachments



    Timber grab

    Hydraulic tamper

    Stone grab

    Breaking hammer pipeline 


Product name WZ30-25
Overall Operating Weight 7600KG
L*W*H 5910X 2268 X 3760
Wheel base 2250mm
Min. Ground Clearance 300mm
Bucket Capacity 1.0m3
Breakout Force 25KN
Loading Lifting Capacity 2500KG
Bucket Dumping Height 2795mm
Bucket Dumping Distance 1048mm
Digging Depth 52mm
Backhoe Capacity 0.1-0.4 m3
Max. Digging Depth 4080-4500mm
Swing Angle of Excavator Grab 190o
Max. Pulling Force 39KN
Model YC4A105Z-T20
Type turbocharging four-stroke
Cylinder-Inside Diameter*Stroke 4—105
Rated Power 75KW/100HP
Rated Speed 2400r/min
Min. Fuel Consumption 235g/kw.h
Max.Torque 310NM
Displacement 4.3L
Steering System  
Model of Steering Device BZZ5-250
Steering Angle ±36 o
Min. turning radius 5018mm
Pressure of the system 12Mpa
Manufacturer Feicheng Axles
Main Transmission Type single reduction
Torque Converter  
Model YJ280
Type Single-stage Three Elements
Max. Efficiency 0.844
Inlet Pressure 0.4Mpa—0.55 Mpa
Outlet Pressure 1.2Mpa—1.5 Mpa
Cooling Method Oil-cooling Pressure Circulation
Type Fixed Shaft Power Transmission
Oil Pressure of Clutch 1373Kpa—1569 Kpa
Gears Two Gears Ahead, Two Gears Astern
Model 16/70-20
Pressure of Front wheel 0.22 Mpa
Pressure of Back Wheel 0.20 Mpa
Brake System  
Service Brake air over hydraulic disc on 4 wheels
Emergency Brake manual parking brake
Hydraulic System  
Digging Power of Excavator Grab 46KN
Digging Power of Dipper 31KN
Bucket Lifting Time 6.8S
Bucket Lowering Time 2.5S
Bucket Discharge Time 1.2S


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