Tanker trailer

This series of transport semi-trailer is mainly divided into two categories of atmospheric tank and pressure tank, atmospheric tank is mainly used for the transport of gasoline, light diesel, crude oil, paraffin and other liquid fuels on the tank, pump or tax-controlled dispenser without corrosion effect of the tank car, widely used in the transport units, petrol stations and other industries. This type of vehicle mainly consists of frame, tank mounted, unloading system and various protective devices, with the structure of the whole reason, reliable performance, beautiful appearance, easy to operate and so on.

Tank material can be carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy and so on according to different transport media.

Components: 1.

1. The main body of the vehicle is made of aluminium alloy plate, which reduces the weight of the vehicle by more than 65% compared with the traditional steel, which can effectively guarantee the strength of the tank, reduce the weight and prevent the bumps and shocks during transportation.

2. The common tank is produced by large 8m automatic plate rolling machine and professional welding equipment of single-side welding and double-side forming, which has the features of good forming, light weight and beautiful appearance.

3. excellent technology: the main parts of the vehicle are processed by advanced equipment, the longitudinal beam is welded by CNC plasma cutting and automatic tracking submerged arc welding, which has the characteristics of high cutting precision and good welding; the vehicle parts are shot peened, which greatly enhances the adhesion of the paint and improves the anticorrosive property of the structural parts.

4. frame: the frame is made of high-quality aluminium alloy steel plate welded I-beam and the whole through the crossbeam welded into the space frame structure, reasonable structure, improve the strength of the frame, stiffness, toughness and other properties, has a light deadweight, large load-bearing capacity and other characteristics.

5. axle: axle selection BPW, FUWA and other imported or domestic high-quality axle products, has a large bearing capacity, long service life and other advantages; at the same time optional Haldex, WABCO and other domestic and foreign well-known brands of ABS system, to maximise the stability of the vehicle driving and safety.

6. Suspension system: air suspension system, according to customer requirements can be optional BPW, SAF and other well-known brands at home and abroad. It can be assembled with axle to lift the axle and equipped with steering axle and other functions.

7. Braking system: Adopt safe and reliable double circuit pneumatic braking system to ensure good braking performance.

8. Air compressor: basic configuration 9m³/min (maximum power 12m³/min optional).