Tipper semi-trailer

Product Features:

● Adopting European design concepts, U-shaped streamline body, beautiful styling, full of dynamics, higher value.

● Comprehensive application of high strength steel and wear-resistant steel materials, combined with finite element analysis, component testing, all-weather road testing and other multiple verification, the frame and upper body joint weight reduction, to achieve the optimal combination of self-weight and volume.

● Frame: VICT 700L high-strength steel is applied to the whole system, with a cross beam in the center for good torsional resistance;

● Carriage: applying ROCKY 450 super-strong wear-resistant steel, the strength reaches 1300MPa, equivalent to Swedish Hardox 450 wear-resistant steel, which is 3-5 times higher than the carriages made of ordinary materials. Better performance of impact resistance, abrasion resistance and fatigue resistance, longer full life cycle.

● Enlarged U-shaped cross-section compartment, the center of gravity is about 200mm lower, and the volume is larger.

Smooth interior with no dead space for cleaner, more efficient and safer unloading.

Multi-stage hydraulic cylinders of famous brands such as Hyva, Binotto and VICT: fast and smooth lifting and lowering, safer and more reliable;

● Dual air circuit brake system: applying WABCO and other famous imported brake systems, with reasonable arrangement, fast and safe braking, and lower failure rate;

● Circuit system: 12-24V multi-voltage change, LED lamps and lanterns, can match with many brands of tractor, driving safety is higher.